About the project – United Dreams of Europe

“United Dreams of Europe” is the title of the current research project of the Foundation for Future Studies. The project includes various approaches:

Firstly, with the aim of gaining insight into perceptions of and views on Europe, we conducted a survey. In the end more than 15,000 citizens from 13 European countries took part in our quantitative research.

Secondly, as qualitative research, we conducted 27 interviews with members of the European Parliament, scientists and students from different countries to get a cross section of opinions.

The results of this two-sided study will be discussed and presented at an event, hosted by the Foundation for Future Studies.

Furthermore, to enable the European public to access the study, the research will be published in a book of the same name, “United Dreams of Europe” (release date: September 2011), including all the answers and interviews as well as an analysis of the central questions.

In addition, this website has been created to give everyone the opportunity to take part by posting their personal dream for Europe.

About us – Foundation for Future Studies

Since 1979 the independent non-profit Foundation for Future Studies – an initiative of British American Tobacco – has conducted scientific and statistical research into current attitudes and behaviour across a range of social and political strata.

The purpose of this research is to develop a picture of the challenges that society will face in the future – and the means to solve them. Our focus is on providing data that will enable practical, relevant solutions so we can take a long-term approach to our research. The data we produce is intended to be reliable and sustainable and to take into account the constantly changing the modern world. The foundation is committed to being an interface between science, the industry, politics and the general public.

We understand our role as an advocate for vision and responsibility. Accordingly, we want to get across that we have to shape the future actively and not just come to terms with it passively and reactively – the future is what we make it now.

The author

Prof Dr Ulrich Reinhardt

Prof Dr Ulrich Reinhardt, born in 1970, is the Scientific Head of the Foundation for Future Studies.

His research focuses on the area of social changes, the future of leisure, consumption and tourism, as well as the development in and of Europe.

He is the author of numerous publications e.g. "Edutainment - Educations is Fun" (2005), "Dreams of the Elder Generation - Illusion and Reality" (2007), and European Studies like "A Vision for Europe - From an Economic Community to a Community of Values" (2008) and "Future Expectations of Europe" (2009).

Reinhardt is member of several domestic and foreign advisory boards and a part time professor at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg, Austria.