What is “United Dreams of Europe”?

United Dreams of Europe is the title of the current research project of the Foundation for Future Studies. Find out more by reading About the project.

What is the Foundation for Future Studies?

The Foundation for Future Studies is a non-profit foundation founded in 1979 as an initiative of British American Tobacco, based in Hamburg, Germany. You can find further information in the About section or o the Foundation's website.

Why is the Foundation for Future Studies an initiative of British American Tobacco?

British American Tobacco (Germany) believes in adding values to the community in which they operate. In accordance with this self-conception, British American Tobacco engages in the sustainability of our society and assists many different fields such as culture, education and science. Within the Foundation for Future Studies, the company wants to encourage a positive development of the society to enable better perspectives for the future generations. Find more about the operating responsibility here.

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